Weibo Li

Weibo Li

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Weibo’s expertise focuses on modelling transport mode choice behaviour using big data, forecasting transport demand and developing urban mobility solutions. He has plentiful research experience  in  big  data handling, fusions  and analysis.

Weibo is now working towards his Ph.D. degree at UCL Energy Institute with a research direction in energy and transport. His Ph.D. thesis is expected to be modelling transport mode choice with focus on bike sharing & car sharing and energy demand via a case study in Taiyuan, which has the most successful bicycle sharing system in China.

He has spent his entire university life with UCL prior to entering the Ph.D. study in January 2015. In 2013, he was awarded with Honour degree of Upper Second for BSc (Econ) Economics at UCL and in 2014, he was awarded with Merit class for MSc Economics and Policy of Energy & Environment also at UCL.

Apart from academic side, Weibo is also a charity leader by serving as a member of trustees in Ofund (Overseas Chinese Students Children’s Fund) which is the largest overseas student-led NGO that provides educational support to rural areas in China.

CEE Projects

Government’s Clean Growth Strategy features CEE research

Government’s Clean Growth Strategy features CEE research

Research from the RCUK CEE featured in UK government Clean Growth Strategy.

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