Simon Elam

Simon Elam

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Simon is a Senior Research Associate at UCL Energy Institute and Data Manager for the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology (CEE) and is currently working across several research projects with a particular focus on improving the evidence base in the end-use energy demand sector.

He retains a keen interest in the socio-technical factors influencing energy consumption in domestic buildings having previously managed The Energy Saving Trust’s HEED and Home Analytics projects and played a key role in the development of DECC’s National Energy Efficiency Data-framework (NEED).

Simon is a dedicated and highly capable data scientist with a 10+ year career in Business Intelligence and Information Management (often in a consulting capacity) that has provided a great deal of successful experience managing the complex process that transforms data into insight.

The focus of Simon’s research since joining UCL Energy Institute has been on establishing effective methodologies to improve the evidence base in end-use energy demand. This includes investigating best practices in research data and metadata management, issues involved with linking and integrating large datasets particularly where the data has derived from mixed sources (e.g. survey and administrative), barriers and incentives to data sharing, and issues and best practice relating to data provenance.

Future research will investigate innovative approaches to big (and small) data combined with an exploration of the human-technical interfaces in the energy system.

CEE Projects

Smart Meter data analysis

Smart Meter data: A new resource for academics to help transform the future energy system

- by Alison Parker

LUKES – Longitudinal UK Energy Survey

LUKES, the Longitudinal UK Energy Survey, is a feasibility study and proposal for a major new survey to understand energy demand in the National domestic building stock.

- by Alison Parker