Phillip Biddulph

Phillip Biddulph

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Phillip has a PhD in High Energy Particle Physics. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Energy Institute. Phill’s research interests are primarily in measurement, modelling and analysis of energy use, building fabric, building ventilation and health data.

Phill’s research interests build on his experience in Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Acarology. He has an active interest in applying the tools and techniques – measurement, experimental design, data analysis etc – of these disciplines in the energy demand domain, in relation to relevant policy and economic issues. Phill is actively involved in research on heat loss through building fabric, airborne pollutants, health impacts of building design and use and the analysis and interpretation of energy use data.

CEE Projects

Evaluation of the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme

Multiple research approaches to empirically determining the performance of domestic heat pumps in the largest European field trial to date (699 dwellings in total).

- by Maija Powell

Bayesian Analysis of Condensing Boilers

Statistical analysis of data related to UK boiler use assesses the impact of government legislation, pointing to significant reductions in energy usage

- by Alison Parker