Gesche Huebner

Gesche Huebner

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Dr Gesche Huebner joined the UCL Energy Institute as a Research Associate in August 2012. She is currently working as a Research Associate with the Centre for Energy Epidemiology. Prior to joining the EI, Gesche worked for 18 months as a Research Fellow at the University of Greenwich, testing interventions aimed at reducing domestic energy consumption as part of  the EPSRC/E.ON funded ‘Carbon, Control, and Comfort’ project. Gesche obtained a PhD in Psychology (visual cognitive neuroscience) from the University of Giessen, Germany, in 2010.

Gesche is currently working within the Centre of Energy Epidemiology. As part of her work she researches which factors determine energy consumption in nationally representative samples and how the relative impact of predictors varies amonst high, average, and low consumers. She also works on the relationship between light and thermal comfort, with the aim of broadening the range of comfortable temperatures. As part of the People, Energy and Buildings: Distribution, Diversity and Dynamics (PEB:D3) grant (EP/H051112/1) she orked on understanding heating demand temperatures and duration of heating periods in domestic buildings.  She linked the large observed variability to socio- and building-demographics, to compare empirical data to assumptions of the BREDEM’ (Building Research Establishment Domestic Energy Model) family of models, and to explore the scope for targeted interventions to reduce domestic energy consumption.

CEE Projects

Smart Meter data analysis

Smart Meter data: A new resource for academics to help transform the future energy system

- by Alison Parker

LUKES – Longitudinal UK Energy Survey

LUKES, the Longitudinal UK Energy Survey, is a feasibility study and proposal for a major new survey to understand energy demand in the National domestic building stock.

- by Alison Parker

Temperatures and thermal comfort

Do retrospective reports about thermal discomfort vs. comfort map on experienced annual temperatures?

- by Alison Parker

People Don’t Use Energy, Buildings Do!?

What determines residential energy consumption?

- by Alison Parker