Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

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Andrew has worked in what we now call the low-carbon sector since 1992.

Having trained as a mathematician, Andrew began his career as an industrial photovoltaic systems designer. He then studied Transport Planning, and joined one of the top modelling agencies, providing transport modelling to local, regional, national and European government bodies.

He joined Transport for London the day it was created, where he worked on policy, strategy, business planning, performance monitoring and modelling of transport and local and global pollutants. In 2005 he founded the London Analytics boutique consultancy, providing policy-development and modelling internationally, in transport, energy, and the low-carbon economy. In 2010 he joined the UCL Energy Institute as a Senior Research Associate in Energy Policy, Systems & Modelling and now serves as Deputy Director of the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology.

Andrew researches energy supply and demand in buildings, and in national and international grids; his research embraces physics, economics, engineering, modelling and policy development.

CEE Projects

Smart Meter data analysis

Smart Meter data: A new resource for academics to help transform the future energy system

- by Alison Parker

New evidence for the dynamics of UK domestic heat pump electricity consumption

Previous empirically constructed heat pump load profiles have only been informed by a handful of heat pump installations; here, the RHPP dataset has led to the inclusion of around 600 sites

- by Alison Parker