Smart Meter data analysis

Smart Meter data analysis
29th November 2016 Alison Parker

Domestic buildings


Smart Meter data: A new resource for academics to help transform the future energy system


Smart meters will be installed in most UK homes by 2020. This has the potential to help transform the UK energy system. CEE is undertaking a wide range of projects utilising publicly available smart meter data and developing a research portal for future smart meter data.

Key findings

  • Analysis of smart meter data may help identify energy efficient properties
  • Smart meter data used to predict the negawatts generated by energy efficient homes.
  • Smart meter data suggests that we do not fully understand why older buildings use less energy than expected
  • Smart meter data used to predict the impact on the grid of moving from gas heating to heat pump heating, preliminary results suggest the impact may not be as big on the grid as previously thought.

Impact, Influence & Outreach

Research is feeding into the policy debate about future energy systems, including how to improve the performance of energy efficient buildings, reduce the cost of energy labels and help plan the future electricity infrastructure.