Retrofit “Big Data” Analysis

Retrofit “Big Data” Analysis
28th November 2016 Alison Parker

Researchers at CEE have been studying the real impact of energy efficiency retrofits on energy demand using large datasets and detailed surveys


The analysis has covered over 20 million dwellings by using sources such as the National Energy Efficiency Data-framework (NEED) and the Homes Energy Efficiency Database (HEED).

Using epidemiological study methods, we have studied how energy use changes following a retrofit and how household characteristics and dwelling features affect the change.

Key findings

  • Popular retrofits save 5-25% of gas energy use;
  • Biggest savings are from cavity wall insulation (10%) and new condensing boilers (15%);
  • Households in low-income areas tend to save proportionally less than higher income areas;
  • Energy efficiency programmes do save energy but require careful attention to installation.