Research question 2

What is the relationship between energy demand in the building and the transport sectors?

Evaluation of services and policy instruments that provides paths towards smarter, sustainable and more efficient transport systems and urban environments.

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Building a novel methodological framework that integrates residential and transport choice models capturing the energy demand between the two sectors.

Developing the methodological framework and the modelling approach described above we can address the following short and long-term research questions:

  • The choice of residential location includes explicit or implicit choice of transport energy consumption, where households in urban environments trade-off housing to transport energy consumption. Our integrated modelling approach will capture the relationship of energy demand between these two sectors, providing a clear picture of individual behaviour towards non-marginal changes in transport and housing. (long-term)
  • What is the net change in end-user energy demand from tele-working?
  • How perceptions and attitudes towards energy consumption have changed the last decade? Investigate the perceived and the actual. (short term)
  • The relationships between vehicle choice, activity patterns, driving patterns and energy use.  (med-term)
  • The relationships between fuel poverty, transport poverty and total household energy use. (short-term)
  • The effect of e-shopping on energy demand for transport within a household and the implication for the companies. (long-term)

This model will allow decision makers to evaluate the changes of potential policies in energy consumption in building and transport sectors.

The attitudes and perceptions (latent variables) of individuals are also investigated within this RQ, potentially increasing the models’ explanatory power, as in some cases socioeconomic characteristics are not sufficient to fully explain the demand.

Principal Investigator Andreas Schäfer

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