Research Question 12

How can we capture and minimise the impact of measurement uncertainty?

Quantifying uncertainties in key variables in existing datasets.

Best practice guidelines on research designs for future studies.

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Measurement errors and biases in key energy use in building variables is now a hot topic in research and government.  Recent findings on U-values and other variables have fundamentally changed research and policy in this area. Understanding the limits of resolution of existing variables is key to the intelligent use of existing datasets and interpretation of results. Quantification of uncertainty in key variables is just the first step along the path towards being able to characterise the uncertainty that arises within datasets, and after that within data frameworks. This is a core methods development component of CEE. Also core to CEE method development is the issue of appropriate survey and experimental designs for the production of new data sets. The work thus will involve both reanalysis of existing data sets and the development of bespoke CEE guidance for survey experimental design.

Principal Investigator David Shipworth

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