Research Question 11

What is the role of modelling in Energy Epidemiology?

Production of a position paper and best practice guidelines to set the agenda in this area.

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In the new field of ‘Energy Epidemiology’ it seems key that if modelling is proposed as a tool to aid energy policy development then the role of such an approach deserves detailed consideration. This project will thus explore the role of modelling in Energy Epidemiology and will develop a broad of appropriate and bespoke guidelines that could draw on procedures developed in the health field. For example, in recent engagement with the BMJ following the submission of a modeling based paper, we received feedback that it would help peer reviewers and editors if we could complete a ‘reporting statement’.  The intention of completing such a statement would be to ensure that key model factors were transparent thus enabling a clear understanding of any model and its limitations.  We were pointed to a health based procedure that appeared to be a useful tool and we will use such resources to inform this project.

Principal Investigator Michael Davies

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