Research question 1

Can we map all the variables that impact on end-use energy demand and likely future changes in end-use energy demand?

A data framework linking end-use energy demand datasets

A resource for RCUK CEE, and for academics across the sector, to interrogate linked datasets to gain deeper insights into behaviours, interventions, and responses

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This would include variables beyond just dwelling characteristics such as indoor environmental quality, energy price, occupant health, household income, etc.  The mapping can be carried out by applying sensitivity analyses to existing data where available (e.g. English Housing Survey, indoor radon concentrations for ~500,000 homes from PHE). This would help reveal the whole spectrum of energy-use drivers, important for effecting future change.

Establishing best practice to compare energy demand data from a specific dataset with national (NEED or other) annualised energy demand statistics.

Triangulating across data sets to analyse the impacts of energy efficiency policy on transport demand and operational efficiency in multi-nodal transport networks. This capturing and linking of shipping datasets will leverage in the modelling work on our project Shipping in Changing Climates, to give deeper insights into the impact on end-user energy demand of routing and trans-shipment decisions.

Principal Investigator Ian Hamilton