Our Research

CEE focusses on an energy epidemiological approach that looks to re-interpret the health sciences research structure in order to form a robust research and analysis framework from which to address the pressing issues surrounding end-use energy demand. Energy Epidemiology is the systematic use of measured data to illuminate the causes of energy use and of changes in energy use.

So, what are the challenges?

  • Lack of access to high quality, high resolution data on which to base research
  • Limited capacity to analyse, organise or archive data leading to limited impact
  • Lack of established analytical methods to handle the complex interactions between people, places, society and energy
  • Lack of provision of fast, accurate and precise results to help policymakers meet carbon targets
  • Lack of multidisciplinary activity in a complex area leading to narrow focus and incomplete understanding
  • Poor linkage between theory and practice to provide tools and guidance for practitioners and policymakers

And what are CEE’s solutions?

  • Undertake research and publish guidance on the use of energy monitoring technology to improve data collection
  • Build new, high-quality data frameworks and datasets on which to build a more robust understanding of energy demand
  • Develop cutting-edge data handling and analysis techniques to maximise their value to policymakers and industry
  • Develop a new range of models that use the energy epidemiology approach to better explain energy demand
  • Engage and communicate with key stakeholders to establish CEE as a lynchpin of the energy demand research community

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