Power Temperature Gradient (PTG) and Peak Demand

Power Temperature Gradient (PTG) and Peak Demand
28th November 2016 Alison Parker

Domestic Energy Efficiency can generate 8,000 “negawatts” per dwelling during peak periods


Energy efficiency is often talked about as the first fuel or the greenest form of energy as it avoids having to generate any energy in the first place. For the first time in the UK, analysis of smart meter data from thousands of homes has enabled us to look at the impact of improved energy efficiency on the 24-hour demand profile of dwellings, highlighting the impact on peak demand of dwellings.

Key findings

  • Smart Meter data combined with weather data can provide a proxy for building energy efficiency;
  • Older buildings seem to perform more efficiently than conventional surveys and models assume;
  • Energy efficient domestic retrofit can significantly reduce future peak loads and hence the number of power stations required.