CEE Stakeholder Strategy Committee

The CEE Stakeholder Strategy Committee provides critical advice and recommendations to the CEE Management team, helping to evaluate and steer the research from the perspective of key external stakeholders. The committee consists of 14 members including two directors of other EUED Centres, along with representatives from BEIS, DfT, CIBSE, UKE and RCUK and industrial partners including EDF, British Land and others. CEE Stakeholder Strategy Committee profiles

IEA EBC Annex 70 – Building Energy Epidemiology: Analysis of Real Building Energy Use at Scale

Annex 70 is an international collaboration of researchers, industry and government from across the globe who are working to develop methods for improving the empirical evidence on energy demand in the building stock. Annex 70 will focus on the analyses of real building energy use at scale and the emerging field of energy epidemiology, which seeks to develop robust and multidisciplinary approaches to such analyses. Find out more about the IEA EBC Annex 70.

End Use Energy Demand (EUED) Centre Network

euedlogoThe six EUED Centres conduct energy demand research into how and why energy demand is created in society. Teams of researchers develop ways to save energy, reduce consumption and meet greenhouse gas emissions targets.

EUED Centres create technical, social and economic tools to help policymakers and industry implement more energy saving practices. Funded by the Research Councils UK Energy Programme – with additional industry and government funding – we seek a better understanding of energy use in commercial, domestic, industrial and transport settings.

The Data Management and Access Group (DAMAGE)

CEE coordinates The Data Management and Access Group (DAMAGE) consisting of representatives from academia, government and industry. The group works to improve the availability and quality of, research data in the sector to help promote stronger research in Energy Epidemiology research and related fields. The group meets twice yearly.

Building Performance Network

CEE has put together plans for a network of industry, academia and other professional bodies to support research in the field of building performance. The Building Performance Network will work to address some of the key challenges in the field such as a lack of accessible, high quality data and a lack of skills to analyse and interpret such data. The network will provide a forum for sharing best practice and develop a bank of knowledge and insights founded on high quality data.