IEA EBC Annex 70

IEA EBC Annex 70 – Building Energy Epidemiology: Analysis of Real Building Energy Use at Scale

Annex 70 is an international collaboration of researchers, industry and government from across the globe who are working to develop methods for improving the empirical evidence on energy demand in the building stock. The Annex 70 will operate from November 2016 to November 2019.

Annex 70 will focus on the analyses of real building energy use at scale and the emerging field of energy epidemiology, which seeks to develop robust and multidisciplinary approaches to such analyses.

The purpose of the Annex is to support member countries in the task of developing realistic transition pathways to substantial and long-term reductions in energy use and carbon emissions associated with their buildings by:

  1. Evaluating the scope for using real building energy use data at scale to inform policy making and to support industry in the development of low energy and low carbon solutions;
  2. Establishing best practice in the methods used to collect and analyse data related to real building energy use, including building and occupant data; and,
  3. Comparing across the national approaches to developing building stock data sets, building stock models , and to addressing the energy performance gap in order to identify lessons that can be learned and shared.

Impact, Influence & Outreach

Annex 70 will focus on identifying, reviewing, evaluating and producing leading edge methods for studying and modelling the building stock including: data collection techniques on energy use, building features and occupant features, and building morphology; analysis of smart meter energy data, building systems, and user behaviour; and modelling energy demand among sub-national and national building stocks.

Annex 70 will focus on producing outputs that address the three Subtasks areas of: A) User needs of energy and buildings data; B) Data collection and classification; C) Data analysis and modelling.

More information on the IEA EBC Annex 70 website


Annex 70 Operating Agent
Ian Hamilton

UK EBC ExCo Representative
Paul Ruyssevelt

Jenny Love