CEE launches new website

CEE launches new website
13th December 2016 Alison Parker

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The revamped site gives a wealth of detail about our individual projects, researchers, data and publications.

About CEE

CEE is the UK’s first dedicated energy epidemiology research centre, and is seeking to transform the way research is undertaken to reduce energy demand, through the development of brand new tools, methods and resources.

The UCL Energy Institute was awarded one of six Centres of Excellence in End-Use Energy Demand by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in 2013. CEE aims to respond to the myriad challenges currently facing energy research. Through the use of Research Council funding we have been able to establish an expert, multidisciplinary and multisectoral team of researchers to apply the energy epidemiology approach to develop new and exciting research opportunities. Through this work, we will be able to improve our understanding of energy demand and enhance the positive impact of our research.

Our vision is to precipitate a paradigm shift in the way we understand energy demand through the development of new research methods and tools – specifically, application of epidemiological methods to large, linked data sets on energy demand across sectors, people, energy systems and infrastructure. CEE aims to spearhead a new research field, energy epidemiology, based around a secure and accessible data repository available for all UK researchers via a bureau service. This will put the UK in the lead internationally in the understanding of complex interactions between people, energy use and systems of technology. Most importantly, it will provide a step change in provision of evidence to support innovation in policy, markets, products, services and systems to meet carbon targets over the critical coming half century.