Additionality of Salix Funding

Additionality of Salix Funding
29th November 2016 Alison Parker

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A review of energy efficiency projects in the public sector suggests that over 70% of energy efficiency improvement projects would not have happened without Salix funding


Salix Finance provides funding to public sector bodies through two streams, “SEELS” interest-free loans and “RF” match-funding.

CEE were commissioned by Salix to answer the key questions of whether Salix funding was necessary for the projects (i.e. additionality of the funding) and what alternative funding sources were available.

Key findings

  • Findings replace previous estimate of 33% additionality
  • Additionality of future SEELS projects is 69-92%
  • Additionality of past & future RF projects is 87%
  • Findings suggest that funding mechanisms for public sector energy efficiency projects are vital in order to ensure they take place

Research Lead

Paul Ruyssevelt